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Helping ambitious Entrepreneurs
create the love they want without sacrificing
their success!

photos by Aleksandr Karjaka

You found me because...

You want a Juicy Love Life, and you want BIG LOVE!


You are successful in life and business, and you have yet to crack the code and figure out how to be successful in love. Like me, you have a clear objective on your money and career goals, you have amazing friends, you travel the world, yet it would be nice to share the world with the love of your life. 

You are a barrier breaker!

And now you are ready for that next accomplishment, LOVE!

You work your ass off and finish what you start and now you are ready to do the inner work to create the love you want. 

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Create the juicy love life you always wanted.
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You need to break relationship patterns

and become the one you want to attract.

And until you do, you always...

Fear getting hurt again.

Fear trusting love.

Feel like an imposter.

Never feel good enough.

Fear committing to the wrong person.

Or feel invisible to love instead of succeeding in love. 

Get out of your own way.

You deserve a juicy love life that's fulfilling, nurturing, honest, and one that enhances your life. Right?


“Thank you, Jimmy.

It has been a huge lesson and learning experience for us, and we still are learning and growing together.”

-James and Chi

Hey Boo, My name is Jimmy, and I am your Love and Relationship, Coach.

When I started to see my relationship patterns, it woke me up and I became a detective to my own love life so I can create deep and meaningful relationships.


I wasn't always clueless about love.

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Be Unleashed!

what if you could...

  • Become magnetic to a soulful loving and deep relationship.

  • Become emotionally intelligent and use it as a strength.

  • Breakthrough any resignation about love and become clear and confident in your choices about love.

  • Unleash your confidence

  • Breakthrough the BS that has been holding you back so you can create authentic relationships.

  • Shift the relationship with your employees in order to increase productivity and the innovative environment without middle managing them.

  • What if you can shift your entire life without years of therapy? Wouldn't it worth it?

photos by Aleksandr Karjaka

Vulnerability is the birthplace of love.

What most of us fail to understand and what took me a decade of research to learn is that vulnerability is also the cradle of the emotions and experiences that we crave. We want deeper and more meaningful spiritual lives. Vulnerability is the birthplace of love, belonging, joy, courage, and creativity. It is the source of hope, empathy, accountability and authenticity. If we want greater clarity in our purpose or deeper or more meaningful spiritual lives, vulnerability is the path……If we want to reclaim the essential emotional part of our lives and reignite our passion and purpose, we have to learn how to own and engage with our vulnerability and how to feel the emotions that come with it.” Brene Brown

Meditating in Nature

Impress your date boo.

Men stop struggling in planning dates when you can hire someone to help you plan thoughtful moments.

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