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AV: What types of things kept you away at night and were pressing problems that needed to be solved in your life?

Cal: How to love and live my life without fear, being more present and letting go of the past.

AV: How were the above problems impacting your life?

Cal: "I was unable to give my heart 100% to someone and most of my everyday actions were rooted in fear from the past as well as the future."

AV: What finally had you say “enough is enough” that inspired you to work with a coach?

Cal: There was no defining moment, just part of my process to uncover/discover more of how i worked and how to become more optimal in my living. 

AV: What was one of your favorite aspect of coaching with Jimmy?


Cal: Jimmy has the ability to BE with you. To listen and give you feedback that is empathetic, insightful, and inspiring.

AV: Since coaching, what are some of the tangible results you’ve experienced in your life?

Cal: I was able to identify that  I have been living most of my life and fear, with very little trust to give or receive love. This was a game changer for me and was not living an optimal life. With Jimmy’s coaching I now know how to identify the behavior that’s based in fear and more readily turn that around to love. I have been transformed and can now lead a life based on joy and happiness.

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