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Happy Holidays!

I wanted to do something special so I am excited to announce that any 4-month package or higher, you will get 30% off. Yup. You can save up to $500 dollars or more on a monthly package. 

If you’re ready to break through those old barriers, let go of unhealthy choices, establish clear boundaries, and step into the resilience, love, and passion you deserve and desire, one-on-one coaching in a Jimmy Allen Coaching Program might be just the next step you’re seeking.

How does it work?

1) Fill out the application below

2) Schedule your Free discovery call.

3) Ask for the Black Friday discount.

4)If coaching is a fit for you, you get your discount and save up to $100) or more.

Why spend another year being clueless as to why love is not happening for you?

Get the love you want, Boo. 

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