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Do you say to yourself?

  • I always shut down when things get a little serious or intense.

  • I am not good at relationships.

  • I am not good at expressing my feelings.

  • I feel invisible and unappreciated when I talk women or men.

  • I feel like am I am not good enough 

  • You avoid putting yourself out there.

  • You lack the confidence in order to get your needs met. 

  • You avoid commitment.

Oooh I have been there too.

When I started to clean the mess I made in past relationships, I had a wake-up call in one of the conversations. I had asked, "What am I bad at?" And he said "You shut down when we have a disagreement. Like it's the end of the discussion and we never resolve anything." At that moment I said "Holy Shit!", "How am I going to have a relationship, if I keep shutting down?" I started to radically look at all the beliefs that were stopping me, and I started to transform them into beliefs that actually work in order to create love in my life. And you can too create that love that you deserve."

Are you ready to thrive in your love life?

Jimmy is an exceptional coach. His fun, loving approach makes it easy to feel comfortable and his passion for his work makes him successful. It’s refreshing to have a coach be as skilled in listening as he is in giving advice

— Tony, Men's Clothing designer

"Jimmy has a natural talent, and a passion for, guiding people toward fulfillment in love. We get one life to live, so go for it! Jimmy will guide you there!"

— Andrew, Actor