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Iyengar Class

"What were you hoping for Boo?”


This is the question that changed my life. 

Jimmy asked it in a way that made me see, really see, how I wasted so many years “believing” a fail relationship.


If you are truly ready to meet your true self and desires, then Jimmy Allan’s coaching is where you need to support your journey.  As a client, Jimmy’s questions laser in on my true emotions as to why my relationship or lack thereof was not real and not happening. He introduces me to what a “real”, committed relationship would look like for me, which is what I deserve.


You will be challenged to identify what you really want, as opposed to what you “think” you need.  He listens carefully and connects with your authentic self. 

He guides you to what you really need and desire in the search of self, life relationships/partner.  He does not filter your emotions to make you feel good but guides you to your true deep desires.  You will notice historical unconscious patterns; he’ll introduce new possibilities and ways to stop patterns that will not benefit your desires.


His coaching was personal, caring and most importantly the mirror I needed to achieve what I really want.


Samantha A, NYC

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