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7-day love challenge!


The intention of this challenge is to cause you to be brave and courageous with your love life.

"...the first step is to “unlearn” all the bad habits you’ve developed over the years. In many cases, that involves starting from scratch. The process is awkward at first. Things just don’t feel right. They feel unnatural. Little by little, though, that starts to change. With enough repetition, you start to see positive results."


What to expect!

"Be Brave with your life." - Brene Brown

  • You will begin to foster deep connections with people in your life.

  • You will get to know them in ways you've never known. You will learn how you need to grow and what's been in the way of you building closeness with old and current relationships.

  • You will start to speak the language of love and recognize how others like to be loved with our assuming how they need to be loved.

  • You will become confident and radiant in your love.

  • You'll be jumping up in down by the end of this challenge and it is all for FREE.

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What I truly loved about the services provided by Jimmy is the comfort with being uncomfortable about what's happening with me and finding a mate. I was able to be myself and uncover what needed to be uncovered to revealed what was hindering me in finding my soul mate. But it doesn't stop there, the events that are created to support finding a mate and developing love was amazing. There was a great mix of people and fun activities to open up the whats possible. I would strongly recommend Jimmy. You'll be extremely thankful.

David, Enginner 

 Are you ready for the challenge?

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