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You've been told a lie that gay men are meant for relationships. It's a lie that you are unloveable or unlucky with love. It's lie that you can't find love after 35

You deserve the best of what love has to offer. 

A lot of gay men give up on love and settle for the hookup life instead. We avoid intimacy. We avoid being hurt again by cutting dudes off before they hurt us. We surround ourselves with other gay men who aren't capable nor have done the work to evolve themselves into the man they need to be for love. We look outside of ourselves and blame others for why we can't find or stay in a relationship. When we stop looking outside of ourselves and start looking within, the answer is right there. Trust me. I've been there Boo. When I started to look at how I was showing up in my relationships, It was no pretty. Child. However, It was liberating. Once I started to identify how I was showing up in relationships, it was an opportunity to change my life and you can change your love around too. No one should grow old alone.

Does any of this sound familiar?

  • You can't seem to recognize the red flags when you go out on a date.

  • You use sex to avoid being intimate.

  • You avoid emotional conversation..

  • You avoid opening up because it feels uncomfortable or awkward to you.

  • You don't see a point to opening up but you know it's the key to connecting with others and love.

  • You look for validation through sex and achieving more and more.


Are you ready for the juicy love life?

9 Week Program

4 Month Program.

6 Month Program

Success story.

I signed up for 4 different mobile dating apps and began dating in hopes of finding my perfect match. I met a few nice guys and a few not-so-nice guys. And while this was a bit exhausting and sometimes a downright chore, I remained hopeful that Mr. Right.  After hiring Jimmy as my Coach, I met the most remarkable man on one of the dating apps. This situation seemed almost too good to be true

And honestly, I was scared about this new budding relationship. So I committed to completing the 9 sessions with Jimmy, it was bound to contain some valuable information. And lo and behold, I was right. The lessons and exercises in the Calling in "The One" program with Jimmy proved to be invaluable. Jimmy was patient with me and helped me work through these issues. He was so open and genuine, even sharing some of his own personal experiences. His willingness to share parts of his journey was a huge nugget. I am grateful to Jimmy for helping me along in my journey to becoming "The One" for myself and everyone I encounter in every aspect of my life.


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