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"A man who takes control of his healing and who makes a conscious effort to connect to his higher self so that he can to be better mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually, is a sexy ass man."

-Courtney, Reiki Healer and Coach

"The greatest strength a man can achieve is gentleness."

-Monty Roberts
I work with men who are ready to stop playing games with their love life but they struggle with maintaining LTR or who have a hard time figuring out “what they are doing wrong?” Or “Why does love always fizzle out?” but they desire to learn how to cultivate and nurture a loving relationship in their lives. As a result of working together, we will start to identify and remove these hidden barriers so they can step into their own and start creating that juicy love life that they’ve always wanted to create.

Men.... I've been there.

I thought I had to compromise myself as a man to be in a relationship so I could keep the "peace".I thought my needs didn't matter as long as my partner was happy then we were happy. Wrong! I thought that "if I just shut my mouth" while in a heated moment that that would improve our relationship. Nope. Fellas. To be honest, I barely paid attention to my partner's needs ant that got me into so much trouble. I was pretending to listen and I wasn't actually listening. I don't know that listening was a skill. When I had my very first break up, I had my gay best friend and female friend ask me the same question with in the same week "What do you want in a person within a relationship? I had no idea. No had never asked me that question before nor did I know it was an important question to ask one's self. That question changes the trajectory of my love life.

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The Thriving men program is uniquely designed to help you build confidence, gain clarity of what's been holding you back in your love life and surprisingly in your everyday life. 


Success Stories


Cal, Creative Director

This was a game-changer for me. I was able to identify that  I have been living most of my life and fear, with very little trust to give or receive love.


Scott, Entrepreneur

“I just want to acknowledge you for the leader you are and the leader you are for me.  I am touched, moved, and honored to have a coach like you in my life and assisting me in creating the life that I love.




 It's refreshing to have a coach be as skilled in listening as he is in giving advice.

Austin, Farmer

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James, Executive Coach.

Jimmy is an exceptional coach. His fun, loving approach makes it easy to feel comfortable and his passion for his work makes him successful. It’s refreshing to have a coach be as skilled in listening as he is in giving advice. I fully recommend Jimmy without hesitation.