You ready, Boo?

Hey there! Welcome! I am Jimmy Allen, and I am certified Calling in "the one" coach."

It's exhausting making the same choices and wondering, "why this keeps happening to me?" And it's sooo boring messaging BORING people, and it feels like you are wasting your time, and it's frustrating. I feel you, boo. 

The majority of people are aimlessly dating, and they are unconsciously picking the wrong people. I was too until I started paying attention. Once I started doing the work on myself and learning new tools, I stopped being frustrated, and I stopped wasting time.  I even had the guts to tell a date, "This ain't working. I need to go." But that was only because I had a level of awareness on the date that I paid attention to the signs, and I had to go.

And you can become that conscious and CONFIDENT with dating as well so you can stop wasting your time.

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