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25 solo dates

This gif made be funny or not and it's a simple self-date that you an do. Here is the truth about solo dates. It feels your cup up. You'll begin to discover what it's like to be treated well. You being to learn how to honor yourself. You'll be respecting yourself. It's away to cherish yourself.

In her book, The Artist way by Caroline Myss, she talks about artist dates. The purpose is to spark play, imagination, creativity, self-love, and treat yourself and be with yourself, and now what's like to celebrate yourself. HINT: This is not a moment to fall down the rabbit hole of depression or self-pity. It will be tempting to see a couple that looks like they are in love and feel sorry for yourself. DO NOT DO THAT. It's your opportunity to celebrate that you recognize love. We can easily get caught in the "Why she or he is with them? Why can't i don't that for myself?" Remember... whatever you focus on the most, the more you are calling that into your life.

1) Grab your favorite bottle of wine, a slice of pizza, a blanket and head the park.

2) Go to to the museum and end your trip with a meal from a food truck or at a near by restaurant.

3) Go to the beach

4) Go to a gallery

5) Try a new restaurant.

6) Try a new cuisine that you have never tried before

7) Order from Uber eats from a restaurant you never tried before

8) Take a cooking class for singles

9) Go to the movie theater with yourself.

10) Go to a sporting event with yourself.

11) Take a long walk by the water and end your walk a local restaurant near the water

I love food.

Food + Self love = Happy Soul

12) Treat yourself to something on Etsy and find something unique that best represents you and treat yourself to something nice. (I bought a wallet that I had engraved on the inside and outside. On the outside, it has my name. On the inside, it has "I respect money." and I love it.)

13) Get something in your favorite color.

14) Go shopping

15) Take yourself out to dinner on a Friday night and get dressed up.

16) Go to the ballet or Opera. Try something new if you have never been to these events.

17) Go see a play.

18) Go see a musical theater show

19) Go to the zoo and bring a packed lunch and your favorite beverage

20) Go the aquarium.

I love the aquarium because it's such a relaxing environment and you can get lost in the moment and watch the beauty of life.

21) Coffee shop and read a book

22) Take a day trip somewhere.

23) Rent a Airbnb in a city you aren't familiar with and go exploring.

24) Rent a car and explore another state or town.

25) Spa date. Make it a day. Go to the spa, get a hair cut, get your feet done and end with... some good food.

For more ideas, check out Caroline Myss 101 artist dates.

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