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"What does "The Avvocato" even mean?"

The million dollar question "What is Avvocato?". The word is Italian which means The Advocate or Lawyer. Here is how I inhered the name "The Avvocato!" As I was discovering that I was Coach, I was involved in a Calling in "The One" reading group. As I was in the group,

I would hear things that my friends weren't saying in their sharing. I would stop them and ask them a question that would allow them to go deeper into the impact of their patterns or their way of behaving in their past relationships. One day, one of the friends from the group approached me outside of our reading group and said "I am still angry at my ex." whom she hadn't seen in 8 years. I said "What were you hoping he would say to you boo?" She said "I wanted him to ask me for my hand in marriage." As the words came out of her mouth, she lost it. She couldn't stop crying and I didn't know what to do. She ran out of the building and I ran after her. She said to me through her tears "Thank you for that question. Now I am clear that this is what you are meant to do."

A week later.

Before one our group meeting, the same friend said to me "I thought about you last night while watching this movie on HBO. Have you heard of the movie "Agnelli"?" I said "No". "That is who you are for love. You are like Agnelli. They called him "The Avvocato." Gianni Agnelli basically saved Italy.

He loved Italy and he has so much compassion, empathy and love for the people of Italy. He gave Italy hope and he gave Italy his heart. He was known as the Avvocato. People would chant "IL Avvocato." He had such compassion for Italy at a time where Italy was struggling financially so he help invented the FIAT. The invention of the FIAT saved Italy and the revenue revived the economy.

My friend "That is who you are for people. You have such compassion and hope for people to find love. You helped me in a way that I can't thank you enough and I know you will be a great asset to others in their search for love."

The Avvocato for love was born.

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