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Men who Heal

Every morning I mediate because it give me peace of mind and so much clarity.⁠

I wear this sweat shirt to promote healing and particularly with men. ⁠

When you met other men who are doing the inner work, it's fucking electrifying. ⁠

Healed men heal men. ⁠

There is a reason why the top Entrepreneurs and business owners practice mindfulness. ⁠

Laser focus.⁠

Emotional Well Being.⁠

Energy boost.⁠

Make power decisions without overreacting.⁠

I could go on. ⁠

I can admit. When I first started several years ago, I was like, "Why can't this damn voice shut up in my head? This ain't working."⁠

I realized that it is never going away but I could be with the voice instead of reacting to it.⁠

It is called a practice for a reason. ⁠

A lot of us go through life reacting to our thoughts. We make bad decisions. We keep a running tab on our wounded stories. We ruin good relationships with men and women based off of some old wounded story that you are still keeping alive. ⁠

I cannot tell you how many clubhouse rooms I see that are keeping their wounded stories a live. If they only they went within, got still to heal then they'd be able to release their wounded stories that keeps love at bay. ⁠

@healgirlheal (thanks for creating this movement.)⁠

But it is time. It is time to heal my boo. ⁠

When you release those old wounded stories, then you can heal and attract the love of your life.⁠

Are you ready?⁠

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