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My Calling in "The One"-ish story

Updated: Apr 12, 2020

Before reading CALLING IN “THE ONE,” my dating life sucked. I fabricated a life story where everyone was wrong and I refused to look at myself as the common denominator in my failed relationships. I lived in a place of blame: my mother’s emotional unavailability, my partners’ personal inadequacies, the world in general. All along I never realized that I was displacing my feelings about myself onto others. I would get so caught up in a man’s charms, his looks and his wit, that I would ignore all of the red flags and compromises I made to be with this person. After three long-term relationships and countless disappointing and frustrating dates, the universe presented me with this book.

After skimming over four hundred reviews on Amazon regarding the magic and power of CITO, I had to see for myself. According to the book, there’s a 70% chance that once you start working on yourself through the exercises within, you will meet someone… and I did! I dove in deeply and began to work on myself and the relationships in my life. I couldn’t believe it. The man I met reflected back to me all the work I had been doing on myself. He mirrored everything I wanted in another person. I had never been in love like that and it was right in front of me. It was very empowering to be with him. When I got that magnetic pull I started to see all the possibilities of what I can do with my life. Seeing him and who he was as a person inspired me to meet him at the same level and to be strong for myself. It elevated us both. It was so incredibly powerful and so overwhelming. Yet, after six months of bliss, he revealed that he was emotionally unavailable and he wasn’t ready to have me in his life so we broke up. It was the biggest heartbreak of my life, but that breakup opened up a whole new perspective on my capacity to love someone so deeply. I am so grateful for him and time we shared. I want other men to experience that level of love.

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