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Recovering from break-ups during the holidays. (This too shall pass.)

Break-ups can be hard especially during the holidays. ⁠

"This too shall pass."⁠

My best friend sent me a meme while I was going through the withdrawals of a breakup. The meme read, "This to shall pass."⁠

Child, I broke down. It was what I needed to hear. It was a reminder that the emotionally rollercoaster I was going through was only temporary.⁠

This too shall pass.⁠

It was a reminder to get still. "What is this here to teach me about myself?"⁠

Unfortunately, most people don't get still and their emotional rollercoaster turns into an emotional rage which turns into what psychologists call a crime of passion. ⁠

There is a story about a married man who fell in love with another woman. They were head over heels for each other until she found out he was married. She broke it off and told him never to bother her again. He, the married man, got so enraged, that he showed up at her apartment, knocked on her door, and he threw bleach in her face. He didn't want any other man to have her. She was permanently blind for the rest of her life. (true story)⁠

These kinds of acts never relinquish the pain that we feel inside. The heinous act is only a temporary "relief." ⁠

I've learned that everything that is happening to you is meant for you so you can learn and grow and expand in love. Even in the story above, if he would have gotten still, he would have begun to see the lessons that he needed to learn. His wife would have never divorced him and took his kids away.⁠

The story ends with him, the now-divorced man, finding his way back to the woman be wronged. She ended up forgiving him and showing him a kind of mercy that he had never had experienced. They got married and for the first time, he expressed real love.⁠

Get still because this too shall pass.⁠

If you are struggling, I am here for you. DM me and let's see if coaching is for you.⁠

This too shall pass.

You deserve to heal and love again.

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