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What is Conscious dating?

⁠Conscious dating is dating with intentionality. You are actively seeking to align yourself with someone on the same page. You are don’t have time for games.⁠

It's an act of self-love. You actively do things that bring more love into your life, and your happiness is not dependent on the presents of a man or a woman in your life. You get to choose to have someone to step into your happy space.⁠

You are highly self-aware. You know that every relationship is teaching you where you need to grow and show you how you have grown. You start with you first instead of blaming and shaming others. You take responsibility for your behavior.⁠

You practice mindfulness — recognizing, who we are, what we need, and our thoughts and behavioral patterns throughout the dating process. ⁠

You use the dating platform as an educational platform to grow and expand your ability to love and give love. ⁠

Since relationships teach us about ourselves, dating shouldn’t be any different. Therefore there are no bad dates. Each one is an opportunity to explore and learn more about ourselves and practice the tools and skills needed for a long-term commitment, such as communication, vulnerability, transparency, etc. ⁠

You are conscious of your circles. You know that hanging around single friends who complain about being single and can't maintain a relationship does not help you cultivate good relationships. You are actively involved and learning from those folks who are doing their best to nurture happy relationships.⁠

You are consciously choosing someone who is saying yes to you and you are saying yes to them.⁠

🤠How will you start to consciously dating?⁠

💌If you are ready to have a coach to help support you on your journey, send me a DM, and let's chat.⁠

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