Ambivalence gave me no power in my love life. I stopped pointing the finger at the people I was dating, and I took a closer look at how I was choosing these repeated patterns of shame and emotionally unavailable people on dating sites. The Calling in "The One" method woke me up and gave me power and you can have that same power with a Calling in "The One" Coach. My mission is to create Crazy Juicy Love lives all over the world. And it's starting with you.


The Packages.

Calling in "The One" Coaching

  • Weekly 1 hour calls for 7 consecutive weeks.

  • Weekly text support.

  • Every week you will have new actions to take to evolve your self in our love life.

  • Discount on On-going sessions if you have a friend sign up for a 7 week Calling in "The One" coaching session

  • Optional: One 15 minute call for support.


  • Dissect and Remove limiting beliefs that are blocking you from love.

  • Identify your True Love Identity to generate the love life you want and desire.

  • Develop an awareness on dates that will give you the courage to say yes to potential matches and no to timing wasting people.

  • Identify patterns, old beliefs and assumptions that are in conflict with you want to create with your love life. 

  • Begin to develop yourself and show up in life as the one that they are seeking.

  • Develop new skills and capacities to evolve love anywhere, and at any time.

  • Define your needs in a relationship.

  • Develop a deeper and more intimate relationship with yourself and the people in our life.

  • Become conscious as to how you think, feel and behave and

  • Build a team around your dating life and take daily actions to fulfill on your intention for a juicy love life.

New Package and options coming soon.