"I have been my own biggest block in relationships.  I have been in my own way in a manner that it made it difficult for others to relate to me.  I’m learning a new way of being…more authentic and vulnerable.  Jimmy has helped me release some of my old unsupportive beliefs and embrace new beliefs that support what my heart desires most…..a loving relationship." - Maddox (Life Coach and Stylist)


"I will say that you push me to be uncomfortable and persistently make me look at issues I don't want to in my life."

-Sukhtej S.  (Financial Coach and Enterpreneur)


If you are truly ready to meet your true self and desires, then Jimmy Allan’s coaching is where you need to support your journey.  As a client, Jimmy’s questions laser in on my true emotions as to why my relationship or lack thereof was not real and not happening. He introduces me to what a “real”, committed relationship would look like for me, which is what I deserve. 

-SA (Film Director)


My 3 biggest challenges were communication with family and friends, trusting my gut, and issues with guilt. 


The issues mentioned above were impacting my interactions with people that i loved in a negative way. My mindset was not set-up properly to grow and succeed. My self doubt was inhibiting me from taking action without true conviction. I was dwelling too much on the past, and worrying too much about the future. 


The moment i decided to seek a couch was when a couple of life events happened. I had a falling out of an old friend, which made me question my entire reality, and i also was unable to make concrete decisions in my love life without second guessing myself. 


Along with Jimmy's guidance and some other resources, I've totally taken control of my life and my thoughts. I'm no longer afraid to dive deep in relationships, i'm more authentic with everyone around me, i worry less, i love and give more of myself to everyone without expecting anything in return. I've shifted my mindset from a limiting one to one of growth and expansion. I've taken the leap with a side business that is starting to gain some traction, And i'm ultimately more calm, cool and collected.

Christian, Architect 

Veronica C.

Navigating on-line dating seemed like an impossible challenge for me. The last time I was single and dating I was a teenager and I’m in my forties now. However, with Jimmy’s patience and wise guidance, I found the confidence and empowerment within myself to pursue it again! 

Andrea R.

Jimmy provides compassionate understanding and insight and has the innate ability to reframe a situation to assist you in creating an action plan to help overcome your fears and anxieties so that you can achieve goals and fulfill your life's wishes. 

Veronica, Art Curator 

Andrea, Dancer/Actress 

This was a game changer for me. I was able to identify that  I have been living most of my life and fear, with very little trust to give or receive love.

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Cal, Creative Director


While I have learned to be a happy and productive person without a relationship, my heart yearns for love in my life. Jimmy has helped me release some of my old disempowering beliefs and embrace new beliefs, a new intention, and actions that support what my heart desires most.

Bradly, Entreprenuer 


"If the man of your dreams was standing in front of you, with all the characters you desired, and he was 5'6? You mean to tell me that you would reject him?" Jimmy changed my life with that question. I am so rigid everywhere in my life, and I was very rigid with the type of men I dated. I had a few requirements. I desired a man that was at least 5’10”, and although I’m open to men of different races, colors and shades, I love a chocolate brother.  I was still blocking my chances of finding the one for me. Since working with Jimmy, I’ve opened myself up to so many more options in the world of dating. There are so many more possibilities and opportunities for me to fall in love, especially in this melting pot of New York City. Jimmy got me together and opened my eyes to a whole new world. Looking forward to letting Jimmy know when I meet the love of my life. (smile)

Jude, Producer

What I love most about being coached by Jimmy during The 7 Week Calling in the "One" process is his openness and sincerity. He was unafraid to get dirty with me and ask me some tough questions that I hadn't really asked myself, which got me to reflect at what I was looking for in relationships, what I was doing, and how I was being in relationships. He gave me challenges to powerfully take on along with ways to set a more intentional life, for the day-to-day and also the long run. And all the way through his coaching, Jimmy's fun personality makes the journey feel more doable somehow. Lending tales from his own life helped along the way and just created a comforting, trusting, supportive space. I love Jimmy! 



Tiffany, Massage Therapist