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Date Night Concierge was great out of frustration.  I was tired of hearing women complain about men not having a plan, and I was tired of hearing men not making an effort. I was tired of myself not making a conscious effort to create an extraordinary experience so Date Night Concierge was born.


We are all creative beings. It is our birthright. Men, we have somehow lost our way, and I am here to help. You deserve those extra kisses at the end of that date. 

After I started sharing my idea with other men and women about the dates I planned for my dates,  women would comment, "I wish my guy were that thoughtful." After I started to talk to other men about what they had planned for their lady, I'd said, "That's it? That is not going to fly, boo."

You feeling stuck.

You feel uncreative.

You want to make an impression.

That's why you are here on this page so we should chat.

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