The first step is an act of courage into the direction towards the future you are creating. Bravo! Are you ready? You are ready? Yes!

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9 Week Program

4 Month Program.

6 Month Program

The Ultimate package.

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The highest level package if you are looking to serious about shifting your love life and your ability to cultivate love at a slow pace. Plus this package is filled with bonuses and free stuff.

"In Jimmy you will find a gentle soul willing to go to war for you to have what you want. A generous listener with an open heart, a playful leader who can see the humor in anything, an educated, clever, and gifted coach who will shine a light on the dark corners to show you there's nothing to be afraid of."

— Tami, Entrepreneur Coach for Women

"Jimmy has a natural talent, and a passion for, guiding people toward fulfillment in love. We get one life to live, so go for it! Jimmy will guide you there!"

— David, Real Estate Investor