I was not a confident guy. After I developed the skin condition, vitiligo, I deleted every dating app and I stopped dating for nearly two years. I had low-self esteem and I was ashamed of my body and confidence was stored. I thought “No one would ever marry someone like me.”  I could barely look at myself in the mirror. I avoided the mirror for two years. I  would get so angry  if anyone commitmented on my skin or even asked me about dating.  When I was on the subway, I ran into another guy with vitiligo , I held back the tears. I covered my eyes with my shades and I said “Man up.” And I thought, “Who wants a monster like me?”

Then I got a call from my best friend and I revealed  to him what I was dealing with and he said to me “Are you in pain?” i said “No.” “Are you going to die?” he said. I said “No.” Then he said, “This is a blessing for you. This will weed out all the people who aren’t meant to be with you.” At that moment, it clicked. He’s right. After that moment, my journey to self-love, finding love and coaching others began and it is my passion. 

Jimmy Allen is a highly sought out coach. He's worked with Entrepreneurs, CEO's, Business owners, parents, struggling singles, gay men who are tired of the hook culture to men who are tired of being frustrated with the dating scene and want to find a good woman and are ready to evolve in their love life. 

Jimmy had the honor of studying with Katherine Woodard Thomas, the author of the best selling book Calling in the "One." When he discovered her coaching program, he instantly knew that this was what he was meant to do. After completing the book Calling in the "One" book myself in 2017, his own dating life and love life shifted dramatically.


He discovered how and why I was choosing men who were emotionally unavailable and ashamed of who they were as a man. When he tackled the source of his issues, his life dramatically changed. He fell in love with me and what he had to offer. He discovered that his capacity to love was vast. He started to become the "one" for myself and the man he met shortly while reading the book. 


Life is happening now. What are you going to do about it?

When you release your internal baggage, resentments, blocks, and barriers to love, you'll be amazed how quickly and dramatically your love life will shift.

what makes me different?


My own Coaches kick my ass. I am consistently learning and applying these same applications and principles to my own life. It's a practice. I struggle too and because of these tools, I thrive as well 

Trained with the best.

I've trained with the best in the business: 

Katherine Woodard Thomas, Marie Forleo, Tony Robbins, Lisa Nicholas and so many more.

No games. No tricks.

Most coaches give you tips and tricks to get the woman or conquer the man. I get to the source which lies in you so you can brake barriers and thrive in your life.

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