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My Story

I was TERRIBLE at planning dates. I'd buy a funny card and write something witty while my partner would plan these romantic and thoughtful moments, and I had not put any effort into what would make my partner smile. It wasn't until I meet someone I really liked, and it was the disappointment on his face with the gift I gave him, that I knew I had to start paying attention because I I was missing the point of being thoughtful and concentrate when it came to gift-giving and planning dates for someone you love. That's why I created The Date Concierge to help men redeem their romantic side.


For 9 years, I worked with one of the top catering companies in New York City, Olivie Chang Caterers, and here is what I learned by personally working alongside Olivie on many designs and planning elegant and amazing moments. SIMPLE. BEAUTIFUL. WOW. When planning a moment, you want to always include that wow moment. Secondly, It is in the details that leave a lasting impression, and thirdly any moment can be tailored. 


Planning the perfect ideal date will not save or solve the underlying issues in your relationship. Planning your first romantic date will not solidify love if you like the skills on how to cultivate love.


Jimmy is a certified Love and Relationship Coach. He studied with Katherine Woodard Thomas who is the author of the best-selling book Calling in "The One."


10 Reasons to hire a Date night Concierge.


Dates made easy!

We will plan a fun and unique date that will allow you to be at ease from moment to moment.


Helping a friend plan a date!

Never stress out about planning a date every again.

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