Date Night Planning Service

If you’re like most guys, you suck with planning thoughtful and romantic ideas. There is nothing worse than seeing that disappointing look on your date's face because you did not put any effort into creating tender and cute moments. If you are like the other guy, you are too busy to add more romance to your life. Trying to come up with romantic date ideas or coordinate date night in between hectic work and family schedules and an overflowing social calendar can take the sexy right out of planning. Or simply trying to plan a first or second date with someone you really want to impress can be very stressful. That's why you hire a gay guy who so happens to be a Love and Relationship, Coach.  


Why not let this gay guy, Concierge Services create a magical date for you? 

With the right questions and a little imagination, we can create the right experience for you and your date. We will handle everything from concept to completion so that your date night goes spectacular.

How It Works:


Once you pick The Date Night Planning package, you want and complete the Questionnaire. This is very helpful and important for the creative process. It n provides me with details about your relationship and you and your partner’s interests. We will review your questionnaire, then schedule a free consultation with you either in person, by phone, or on-line via video chat. 


We’ll talk about what you envision for your ideal date during this meeting, or we will brainstorm together based on your questionnaire. Once we have all the information, we’ll put together a sample menu of ideas and services provided by our trusted vendors based on your relationship, interests, and budget.


NOTE: If you are trying to plan a date to mask underlining issues, an expensive date will not resolve the issues, coaching will be needed for an additional fee to have a stress-free date.


Once you select your preferred date experience, we’ll take care of all coordination and details, ensuring your vision is flawlessly executed! 


Note: Vendor costs and incidentals are not included. Examples of this are dinner costs, accommodations, tickets, flowers, musicians, etc. 

Dates that don't suck.

We’ll create unique one-of-a-kind date ideas for your partner or date based on your relationship and your partner’s interests. We’ll then send you a full set of instructions showing you exactly how to execute the fabulous date you selected. 


Your, boo, will be thrilled that you took the time to plan a thoughtful and an extraordinary moment.