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If you’re ready to break through those old barriers, let go of unhealthy choices, establish clear boundaries, and step into the resilience, love, and passion you deserve and desire, one-on-one coaching in a Jimmy Allen Coaching Program might be just the next step you’re seeking.

You are ready, Boo!

If you are on this page, you are ready my friend.  This is a zero-pressure call and it is for me to get to know you and your story to see if we are a fit. Remember, you have to get out of your own way and take the next step.

Discover a love so powerful and beautiful that it is your willingness to give up your old story to create a new one so you can have the love that you are calling in my friend.


You deserve a juicy love life!


“Thank you, Jimmy.

It has been a huge lesson and learning experience for us, and we still are learning and growing together.”

-James and Chi

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