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My 3 biggest challenges were communication with family and friends, trusting my gut, and issues with guilt. 


The issues mentioned above were impacting my interactions with people that i loved in a negative way. My mindset was not set-up properly to grow and succeed. My self doubt was inhibiting me from taking action without true conviction. I was dwelling too much on the past, and worrying too much about the future. 


The moment i decided to seek a couch was when a couple of life events happened. I had a falling out of an old friend, which made me question my entire reality, and i also was unable to make concrete decisions in my love life without second guessing myself. 


Along with Jimmy's guidance and some other resources, I've totally taken control of my life and my thoughts. I'm no longer afraid to dive deep in relationships, i'm more authentic with everyone around me, i worry less, i love and give more of myself to everyone without expecting anything in return. I've shifted my mindset from a limiting one to one of growth and expansion. I've taken the leap with a side business that is starting to gain some traction, And i'm ultimately more calm, cool and collected.

Christian, Architect 

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